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A Tale Of Knights And Men The Lays Of Marie De France...

Cathy Coverdale Professor McBride World Literature 201 14 August 2016 A Tale for Our Time Dear Professor McBride, I have decided to write on the of Knights and Men: the lays of Marie de France and Rostam and Kavus because I found how these two work in the parallel but also in different ways. I wanted to try and articulate what these two difference are in my paper. I think my paper is strong because it shows how things where back then and how it shows that things have change slightly changed over there but for the most part things have not change at all we have just moved into a different way of life than how it was back then. Cathy Cathy Coverdale Professor McBride World Literature 201 14 August 2016 Time has change quite a bit since the early year of the Twelfth Century this was a time of no TV’s, phones. This was a time of things were begin invented that we use today. But one thing that has never really changed is how we fight and love granted we have different things that we use know then they did back then but no different. I will be talking about of Knights and Men and The Lays of Marie de France and Rostam and Kavus about how similar these two are from the two different centuries. â€Å"In the beginning a mere century after the Norman Conquest of England and a scant fifty years after the appearance of the most important French epic poem, The Song of Roland (c. 1095), the period from 1150 to 1200 witnessed a remarkable outpouring of cultural

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Fashion Forecast and Product Development free essay sample

This practice is costing designers greatly as more advanced technology makes it possible to see high-quality copies appear in stores before the original has even hit the market. While it has long been the practice of the American fashion industry to knock off European designs, American designers did not copy one another. They registered their original sketches with a trade group called the Fashion Originators Guild, an organization that urged retailers to prohibit styles known to be knockoffs. In 1941, the Supreme Court held that the Guild was an unreasonable restraint-of-trade; the end of the Guild marked the beginning of the knocking off free-for-all that we are familiar with today began. It is now common for imitators to photograph the clothes in a designers runway show, send the photo to a factory to be copied, and have a sample ready within a couple of days for retail buyers to order. Since fashion collections are displayed in runway shows approximately four to five months before they are available to the public, this leaves the fashion impersonator plenty of time to get the copies to stores at the same time, if not earlier, than the originals. Designers assert that design piracy cuts into their longstanding franchise of uniqueness, lowers their sales volume, and ultimately removes incentives for creativity. Sometimes the same department stores that carry the higher-priced version of a garment will also sell the lower-priced knockoff, often under the stores private label. Knocking-off is widespread in the fashion industry and even those designers who fume over being copied are not above doing it themselves. Because of the speed with which designs can be recreated, it is not even always clear which designer created the original and which designer simply copied it. This discussion will explore how protection of fashion works fits or does not fit into the current intellectual property law framework in the United States. The overall organization of this discussion is a systematic consideration of possible protection for works of fashion under copyright, patent, and trade dress law. This discussion will encompass not only the current state of the law, but also proposals for reform, such as an amendment to the Copyright Act to protect fashion works. The central question is whether fashion design is an art worthy of protection or a craft whose practitioners can freely copy one another. In an industry where many designers come out with similar looks each season and where inspiration is said to be in the air designers and the thriving knockoff industry are fiercely debating the issue. Another key question: whether knockoffs actually benefit the industry as a whole. Copying, some argue, propels the fashion cycle forward by creating popular trends that encourage designers to move on to the next big idea. In what they call the piracy paradox, law professors Kal Raustiala of the University of California, Los Angeles, and Christopher Sprigman of the University of Virginia argue that copying makes trends drench the market quickly, driving the fashion cognoscenti to search out newer looks. If copying were illegal, the fashion cycle would occur very slowly, if at all, While they admit copying can harm individual designers, they say Congress should protect industries only when piracy stymies rather than encourages innovation. Despite the apparent unsuitability of copyright protection to works of fashion, commentators are often confused by the anomalies in copyright law under which fashion accessories, works of architecture, and computer chip designs are eligible for copy right protection. Some argue that since copyright has already been extended to protect the aforementioned items, copyright may be the best legal tool that fashion designers have when fighting design piracy. For example, Robert Denicola has argued that it would be more consistent with the legal principles of intellectual property law to draw the line of copyright with respect to arguably useful articles by shaping whether, in the process of creating the item, the designer focused primarily on aesthetic or utilitarian consideration. Such a test would to a great extent improve the odds that works of fashion would be ranted copyright protection, as most fashion designers are concerned with the aesthetic rather than the functional aspects of their clothing. The specific extension of copyright to fashion works would have many advantages for designers. First, a copyright owner may seek an injunctive remedy to prevent the impersonator of his or her design from making and selling copies of the original. Second , copyright law allows for the imposing and discarding of the infringing items. Third, the copyright owner can recover damages, either actual or statutory, and also profits. Finally, the copyright owner may be able to recover court costs and attorneys fees. This last remedy is especially important in fashion design cases, as it allows small new designers to take on big manufacturers whose greater power and financial resources would otherwise be an intractable obstacle. Despite these advantages to fashion designers, an amendment to the Copyright Act for works of fashion is not likely to be passed soon. As one commentator concisely stated that the current situation of the legislators and courts has a great deal of trouble seeing past the utilitarian function of a piece of clothing. While industrial designs have been the subject of repeated bills, Congress has explicitly excluded fashion works from these bills. For example, while the Design Anti-Piracy Act of 1989 would have protected original designs of useful articles against unauthorized copying, the bill would have barred apparel designs composed of three-dimensional shapes and surfaces with respect to apparel. According to one commentator, this exclusion has no basis in any discernible principle. It was added to help still the vociferous opposition of retailers to the bill. In this current climate of judicial and legislative hostility, copyright protection will probably not be extended to specifically protect fashion works. Fashion seems to be an industry particularly ill-suited to legal restrictions against copying. Copying or borrowing or reinterpreting is prevalent at every level of the fashion industry. When a lower-priced designer knocks off a higher-priced designers clothing, the copy may be a huge success because it offers more value for the price. But it is the higher-priced designers who are copying each other. Fashion designers labors over their finished product just like any other creator or inventor. It takes hours upon hours of careful effort until a dress with just the right cut or a purse with the perfect design is complete. Why should this hard work and effort not grant the person behind the creation some level of security, allowing them to collect the benefits of their labor? As a matter of Public policy it is generally believed that copycats are good for the economy. The claim asserts that preventing copyright for fashion eliminates the possibility of a monopoly by providing the consumer with lower priced knockoffs. Furthermore it is contended that knockoffs really promote business for the designer by creating a market for a style of fashion. But do we believe this actually? And whats wrong with having a monopoly on fashion? When a consumer spends thousands of dollars on a purse or a dress that others will recognise as a Louis Vuitton or Versace, they should be able to enjoy the exclusivity that comes with such a purchase. Knockoffs steal from the consumer of their exclusive right to enjoy a specific product. There are policy based arguments behind the governments resistance to providing a copyright for fashion; ranging from the dislike for creation of monopolies to improving the market. If the designer believes another person infringed his copyright, he could sue those who sell or manufacture the design in any federal court. Those found guilty would face fines of 250,000 or $5 a copy, whichever is greater. To read more articles on Textile, Fashion, Apparel, Technology, Retail and General please visit www. ibre2fashion. com/industry-article. If you wish to download/republish the above article to your website or newsletters then please include the Article Source. Also, you have to make it hyperlinked to our site. About the Author Fibre2fashion has emerged as a distinctive B2B platform for global Textile, Apparel, Fashion and Retail and allied industries. Fibre2fashion. com offers business solutions, new s, articles and information that help to survive and sustain in the most hostile and competitive business environment. Posted by  Adinda  at  11:59 PM Trendy clothes for the season Fashion stylists should have a genuine interest in fashion in order to succeed. They should have an eye for style and keep abreast of the latest trends in the fashion industry. Some stylists have a degree in fashion, while some just learn from experience. There are some fashion schools which offer courses in styling. Stylists should enjoy shopping. They should be detail-oriented. They should have an idea of different colors and shades, different body types and the fit of different materials. They should know what colors suit what skin tones and what material and style would enhance what body type. They should love to experiment and should have the ability to present traditional things in unusual and trendy ways. They should be able to bring out the best in their client. Over and above this, they should have excellent interpersonal skills as they are required to interact with a number of people from models to lighting technicians and photographers. They need to maintain relationships with a large group of people. If you think it is exciting to work with models, experiment with accessories and garments and be paid to shop, think again. There is a downside to the job of a fashion stylist too. First and foremost, fashion stylists usually work freelance and there is no job security involved. Of course, once stylists prove themselves and get established in the industry, they do not have to worry about this aspect. Initially, a stylist might have to work as an apprentice for an established stylist or work for free. Competition in the fashion industry is cut-throat and stylists have to make their own mark in order to succeed. The nature of the job entails working long and irregular hours. Working with celebrities who have a demanding schedule makes it difficult for stylists to plan for a social life or a holiday. Moreover, there are other problems like putting up with the attitude of ‘stars’ and working around their schedule. The stylist has to go through a number of catalogues, fashion magazines and stores to be aware of the in things. In a world where trends change almost every day, this is a very hard task! In the midst of all this, the stylists themselves have to look good all the time and have a distinctive style of their own A stylist usually has to manage his or her business independently and handle various aspects such as keeping a record of various things, handling udgets, receiving and making payments, maintaining contacts and other administrative tasks. The work of a fashion stylist requires a lot of planning. Attention has to be paid to every minute detail. One of the biggest challenges faced by fashion stylists is building a balance between their own opinions and the client’s requirements. They should be neither too submissive nor too overbearing. They should be able to present their opinion in a way that does not offend the client. In spite of certain shortcomings, fashion styling is an exciting career option for people who love fashion. More and more people are realizing the importance of overall image building in boosting self-confidence, which would in turn reflect on the person’s interaction with others. Thus, the number of people turning to fashion stylists is on the rise all over the world. Electric Ladyland is an online clothing store and looking for some exposure for our new lines. We specialize in Rock amp; Republic Jeans, True Religion, and much more. Our catalog moves fast and we have photo shoots every 2 weeks for the new lines. Posted by  Adinda  at  7:42 PM Labels:  electric lady land,  jeans,  kids fashion,  men clothing - Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Watch Trends As well as dictating how this years watches look, the traditional trend also affects how they function. Sekonda, Police, Accurist, and Rotary are all in on the action; Automatic movements are back in fashion, and no wonder an Automatic movement eliminates the need for a battery, as the watch is powered by the movements of the wearers arm. This seasons Guess collection will feature timepieces with a fly-back movement. For a real touch of old-world appeal, try Citizens minute-repeater watch which chimes to audibly mark the time. Watch houses have wholeheartedly embraced the current return to traditional values. Jewellery has seen a real renaissance in vintage styles, and this trend is now moving into the world of watches. We love the old-fashioned, country gentleman charm of the watches coming out in 2007, with individual touches like skeleton faces, so that you can see your timepiece at work try Rotary for classic styles, or get something a bit more edgey from Police. If you are really into the traditional look, you might even consider an eye-catching pocket watch. A diamond-set watch is a fabulous accessory; half jewellery, half timepiece. Everyones getting involved, including well-respected watch houses like Accurist, Citizen and Sekonda. Sekonda is offering two diamond-set watches this season, each featuring seven genuine gemstones. H. Samuel has two exclusive collections; one is from the fashionable high street brand Oasis and the other, Rotary Rocks, is a new collection of three stunning diamond-set watches from Rotary, a brand known for its distinctive combination of traditional and modern styling. A diamond-set watch will give you the perfect combination of the unmistakable dazzle of diamonds, and the understated cool that shows you buy diamonds all the time. A diamond watch is a great gift for a friend too, and this summer theyre set to get affordable. Dont forget, that a sixtieth birthday or wedding anniversary is traditionally marked with a diamond, so this could be the prefect present. Its not enough for a watch to just look good these days; it has to feature the latest scientific processes too. Watches this summer are shiny, metallic beauties, created by ion-plating. To achieve this, metal in a vapour is essentially fired at the watch and forms a strong layer around it. This gives a shimmering, metallic patina to the watch, transforming it from a functional piece of equipment to an individual accessory. Police is leading the way with this trend check out their striking timepieces. DKNY, Guess and Fossil are other big names with ion-plated watches in the works watch this space. As always, your guiding style star must be what suits you. Those of us blessed with slender, willowy wrists would look fabulous in elegant ewellery-inspired pieces by chic, ultra-feminine designers like Anne Klein. Try a delicate bangle watch, or a charm bracelet from Citizen with an adorable watch trinket attached. If you have heavy wrists, make the most of it with an equally robust timepiece. In recent years, Fossil has made a name for themselves with gorgeous chunky cuff watches, with tactile, worn leather straps for both men and women. They also specialise in unusual, f unky designs which tap into the current trend for vintage style. If you ladies want to make a splash this summer, try going out wearing a gorgeous mens watch. This look has the same charm and careful carelessness as a girl in her boyfriends shirt. Brands such as Diesel and Police design fantastic watches with unisex appeal; they look stylish and sophisticated on a guy, and striking and fashionably oversized on a girl. Red straps are huge for autumn/winter. Big or small, you need to get one of these on your wrist. These scarlet accessories are perfect to add a splash of colour to the smart monochrome outfits that are bang on trend this season. DKNY, as usual, are right at the front of this trend and remember that red straps are big news for both men and women. As usual, you can count on Oasis to be right at the cutting edge, with eye-catching red straps available at affordable prices. Gold-plated watches just arent good enough any more. Its got to be pure, solid gold. There are three major brands in this area right now Accurist, Rotary and the specialist Sovereign. Again, these are perfect gifts treat someone special to a gold watch if you want to impress with understated style and remember that a fiftieth wedding anniversary is Golden, so why not mark the occasion with something special? HIRSCH Artisanal leather watch bands are handcrafted one by one, in a process consisting of more than 60 steps. Fine reptile leathers are punched, seams are sewn, varnish is carefully applied. The Classic Collection offers unique leather watch bracelets made in HIRSCH Rembordier Technology. All leather watchbands are Sauna-Tested and Water-Resistant. Some watch straps in the collection are even 100m Water-Resistant and are provided with the HIRSCH No Allergy System. The designs in the Bijou Series constist of matte or shiny metals, classical forms, elegant showpieces or modern combinations of different materials. The HIRSCH Sparetube System allows to adjust the bracelet to the individual size. The Solo Collection stands for functional watch straps, clear forms and innovative materials proving that a sporty design is compatible with complete wearer comfort. Posted by  Adinda  at  10:00 PM Labels:  watch - Saturday, February 24, 2007 what celebrities and other fashionable people will be wearing this spring, plus trends to avoid Although temperatures dipped below freezing in parts of the country today, a peek in stores and on websites nationwide revealed that spring is definitely in the air. It’s also most definitely on the minds of fashionable people everywhere, so start thinking about what looks are hot for spring and which ones will work for you. Whether you’re revamping your entire wardrobe or just reviving it with a few key pieces, here are the top trends that celebs, models and other A-listers are sporting this spring†¦plus a few trends that are so over you must avoid them at any cost. †¢ Wide-leg jeans. After all the hoopla over the skin tight skinny styles, models and celebs like Halle Barry, Regina King, Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss are sporting a wider-legged style this spring.

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What Was The Effect Of The Space Shuttle Challenger Essays

What Was The Effect of The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster on NASA and the Future of the United States Space Program? This was the major question proposed during the late 1980's. What was the future of NASA going to be after this terrible disaster? Would there be enough funding for the continuation of the United States Space Program? This Challenger explosion was one of the major catastrophes of the entire Space Program since the beginning of funding for the Space Program was started. It seems, out of all the mistakes that NASA and the United States government has ever made, this one made a lasting impression on many Americans, and foreign authority figures all over the world. The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was a major tragedy. However, it was a tragedy that could have been prevented with a closer inspection of one of the shuttle's parts that had been of concern since the entire Space Shuttle Program had been started; the O-Ring. Inside the Solid Rocket Booster, there exists certain seals which were the rubber O-rings. The objective of the O-rings is to act as a seal that is meant to prevent gases from escaping through the Solid Rocket Booster. One of the main reasons for the explosion was that O-ring "flexed" and let the gases escape, which in less than seconds later, caught fire and created the explosion. Among the other minor problems were those of electrical problems and faulty gages which were just "overlooked" because the problems were only minor and they posed no real threat to the safety of the mission or the crew of seven(7). 11:39:17am, Tuesday, January 28th, 1986. As the Space Shuttle Challenger soared into the sky that morning, 74 seconds into flight, it exploded, killing all 7 crew members on board including one High-School teacher. This was the worst accident in the history of the U.S. Space Program. It was witnessed by thousands of spectators and visitors who watched at the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded before their eyes. Among the crew killed were: Francis R. Scobee, Commander; Michael J. Smith, Pilot; Judith A. Resnick, Electrical Engineer; Ellison S. Onizuka, Engineer; Ronald E. McNair, Physicist; Gregory R. Jarvis, Electrical Engineer; Christa McAuliffe, High-School teacher. For most of the crew, it was just an ordinary mission with the exception of the school teacher. For Christa McAuliffe, it was everything out of the ordinary. She was the one out of many applicants that had the opportunity to ride in the Space Shuttle to help teach children all over the country about the experiments she was going to accomplish in space. As the spectators at Kennedy Space Center watched, everyone was in disbelief including many of the technicians inside the control room communicating with Francis Scobee, the Commander of the Shuttle Challenger. This experience is best described through a passage between Challenger and the Control Room which occurred as this: "Challenger lifted off...and passed Mach One, the speed of sound, at 19,000 feet. The computers throttled back the three main engines to 65 percent of thrust, anticipating the stress that the engineers call Max-Q, maximum aerodynamic pressure. 'Okay, we're throttling down,' Scobee reassured his crew as the thrust dropped. For fourteen seconds they swayed and jolted silently in their seats while the shuttle chopped through wind shear. 'Throttling up', Scobee called, watching the bright lines of his flight data screen. 'Throttle up', Smith confirmed from his own instruments 'Roger', Dick Scobee formally acknowledged. 'Feel that mother go', Smith called, noting the violent surge of power. As the Challenger climbed, its computers processed millions of bits of data, sifting, sorting, and sending it down to the Cape where it was instantly re- transmitted to the Mission Control Room at Johnson Space Center in Texas. Inside the control room, the technicians saw that the Challenger's engines had returned normally to full thrust, and that the ascent was proceeding perfectly. CAPCOM Richard Covey hunched at his console, his face tight with concentration. 'Challenger",... "go at throttle up." On Challenger's noisy flight deck, Commander Scobee punched his transmit button and replied, 'Roger, go at throttle up.' It was exactly seventy seconds after lift-off. The Shuttle was near 50,000 feet...but in the next three seconds Challenger slammed through increasingly violent maneuvers. Mike Smith voiced sudden apprehension. 'Uh-oh.' In Mission Control, the pulsing digits on the screens abruptly stopped. At the top of each console screen, a frozen while "S" was now centered. Static, no down-link. Challenger was dead. Mission Control spokesman Steve Nesbit sat...he stared around the silent, softly lit

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How to Live with 15300$

How to Live with 15300$ Introduction Family income is a particular sum of money the whole family gets annually. The salaries, income from deposits and other stable and regular incomes are really important for the family as depending on this information many families plan their costs.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on How to Live with 15300$ specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Having the information about the annual income of the family and the list of the obligatory costs, it is possible to calculate the expenses of the family, the cloths they can buy and the number of entertaining places they can visit. Moreover, the food and other unexpected costs should be considered. However, it seems rather difficult for the family to pay attention to unexpected expenses and to plan them if the family income is too low. Additionally, there are a number of notions which should be considered while discussion of the family budget. The Consumer Price Index is t he notion which should not be avoided as it is the measure which points at the obligatory items people are to be able to buy on the salaries and income they have. Family and Living Conditions The situation is the follows. The family consists of a father, a mother, and two kids, a 10 years old girl, and a 4 years old boy. The family lives in the personal house which is not that small as children do not have to share the rooms and have their personal ones. The family income comprises 15300$ annually, which is about $1275 monthly. The task is to consider the budget of the family, and calculate their costs on the basis of the fact that these people are to live in the house, buy food and clothes and provide other expenses obligatory for an average American citizen. Consumer basket The consumer basket is the number of categories which account the items necessary for living. There are about 200 categories which are gathered into eight great groups.Advertising Looking for essay on b usiness economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, food and beverages, housing, apparel, transportation, medical care, recreation, education and communication, other goods and services are the items which are to be involved in calculation. Thus, using this pattern as the basis for creating the budget for a family, the following data should be considered. Things necessary for living As it has already been mentioned, the family is to be able to buy the items mentioned in the consumer basket. Here is the detailed description for each of the major categories. Food and beverages are important for the family, however, paying attention to their low income, this category should be presented with breakfast cereal with milk, coffee or tea, chicken (another type of meat may be too costly for the family), wine, and full service meals which are comprised of a great many of different vegetables and other products. Much attention sh ould be paid to the prices in this category. The cereals may cost about $22.08, different breakfast bars and other snacks about $2-3 per item. This may be enough for a week or two. Milk will cost the family about $90 a week (1 pack costs $30, which is for two-three days). The process are presented as the sample how the average annual cost of the life was calculated for the family. The prices for most of the products may vary greatly depending on the season and on the place where the products are to be bought. This category also covers eggs, fruits, fats and oils, alcoholic beverages, meat, etc. The general expenses on this category are to be much greater, however the family cannot allow to pay more than $500 as in this case they will no have an opportunity to pay for other services. The price means that the family is unable to eat meat every day, eggs and fresh mils appears on the table also rarely. Tasty and expensive fruits, candies, and other sweets are not eaten too often.Advert ising We will write a custom essay sample on How to Live with 15300$ specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Housing is another parameter which is to be paid. Thus, this category covers the expenses on the house. Being the personal house, the family is just to pay the rent and other services such as gas, water, light. The owners equivalent rent or bedroom furniture are not considered. However, the family may spend some extra money of repairing or new objects which are too important. The average cost of the items may be about $200 a month. Apparel is the third parameter in the family budget. Having too low income, the family cannot allow to buy cloths too often, the one or two items per person a month. If the cloths are not necessary right now, the family has to save this money of more expensive cloths of shoes. To the point, this category covers men’s, boys’, girl’s and women’s apparel along with footwear. About $100 is the cost for this category. Transportation is an inevitable part of the family. The family is unable to buy a new vehicle, however, they are to spend money on gasoline and motor vehicle insurance which s not cheap. The costs depend on the distances the members of the family have to ride every day. Paying attention to the fact that the family is poor and cannot allow to drive too much, their costs on gasoline are minimal. Medical care is an important aspect. People are to buy prescription drugs and medical supplies if they are ill, physicians services are also to be paid along with the hospital services. Paying attention to the fact that the family cannot allow substantial nutrition with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, they are more subjected to getting sick that increases the costs on medication.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, it is presupposes that people will not be sick each month, the average sum of the medical costs should be about $100 monthly (as all the calculations are based on the average month income considered from the annual one). Recreation services are important however, the family does not have an opportunity to but toys, have pets and pay for television annually. Therefore, the family has to enjoy the free TV and the toys and entertainments they already have. However, the family members can allow to have a rest once a year if the cost of the vocation is not too high. The family can allow to spend about $2000 annually. Education and communication are important as children are to study. However, it increases costs as the family has to spend money of books, copybooks, cloths and other items which are obligatory and cannot be avoided. Moreover, the computer services are also important as having no opportunity to have the computer at home, school children are to pay for those services to be able to hand in the printed papers and submit the works on time. Other goods and services such as the services of the haircuts and other expenses are to be considered annually due to the low income of the family these services are not too often used. The extra costs of the family are also to be covered. The household troubles, funerals, costs devoted to unexpected loss of working opportunities, different presents for birthdays and personal birthdays of the family members are to be considered. It is hard to predict the sum of money on these events as in most cases family with such low income celebrate only too important dates. Arguments Thus, having considered the family income and the costs it has to endure, it should be stated that the family is to pay obligatory $900 annually without considering the medical services, education and extra costs which are obligatory. Conclusion In conclusion, it should be stated that he family is very poor and cannot allow many particular thin gs. Children are to wear the clothes of their older brothers or sisters, they are unable to attend different entertaining facilities, they cannot eat too tasty and delicious meals as they cannot afford them due to high prices and low income. The absence of the appropriate nutrition increases the risk of infection that raises the family expenses and puts them at risk of loosing a feeder of the family for a period of the illness. It is essential for the family to increase the income as the living on 15300$ annually is too hard, children do not get appropriate education, they are limited in many opportunities and as a result they may get worse education than others do. How to live with 15300$ Introduction With the rising hard economy of this twenty first century, everyone has to know how to budget for the little annual income that they earn. This is extremely necessary in order to cater for the needs of families.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on How to live with 15300$ specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More A budget is a financial document used to project future income and expenses. The budgeting process helps individuals involved estimate if they go on with the operation according to the income that they earn or not. This paper is discussing a family budgeting. Requirements of a good budget It is necessary for one to know the actual income before planning the budget. For one to be able to make a successful budget there are a number of features to consider; categories that fit one’s personal situation and spending habits only, and income expectations, which are right. One should reflect how he or she spen ds money so as to cut down costs where necessary and the budget should entail costs that are not on a monthly basis. These are a few of requirements that this family of four can consider. This family where the annual earning is 15300 dollars is living in a low social economic life. This is because it is estimated that poverty lies among citizens who earn 10000 dollars annually. This family is slightly above the poverty line. Therefore, it should not go for the most costly expenses. Housing This family should go for a house that has a minimum of three bedrooms. This is due to reason that the ten year old girl and the four year old boy will not share bedrooms. The house should also be located in an area occupied by middle class people. This is where the family can get an affordable three bedroom house. Also, commodities in the locality are available at fair prices. This family should also look for a house that is not far from their places of work. The house location ought to be near s ocial amenities like hospitals and schools. Due to their earning, this family ought to live in a house worth 3,240 dollars annually to avoid spending more than their income.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Buying clothes Clothes are also basic, thus this family can budget to purchase both second hand clothes and the brand new ones. In accordance to their annual income, they should spend approximately 4,800$ per year. While budgeting for the children’s clothes, these parents should consider the size of the clothes. They ought to purchase clothes that are not very fitting. This ensures that the children wear the clothes for a long period of time. Also, they should buy clothes that are of good quality. This helps them avoid buying clothes frequently due to wearing out. In addition, they can sort out their clothes to get the one that have outgrown their children and theirs that are not in use. Instead of disposing them, they can sell them as second hand clothes. This will earn them some income that can help them meet their family needs. Such income can also be used in case of emergencies like sicknesses. Education The children in this family require education at different levels due to their age differences. The parents should look for schools located near the middle class people. This is because the schools are affordable according to their annual income. The parents should look for a school that charges fees of approximately 1,260 dollars for the four year old boy. For the ten year old girl the fees should amount to around 2370 dollars. This means that the total cost for school fees in this family per year will be 3630 dollars. The children should be taken to one school. This has very many advantages. One, the school fees, is paid at the same time and place. Secondly, these brother and sister go to school at the same time. Hence, they sa ve time for parents to attend to other chores. Also, when purchasing the uniform, parents are able to cut the cost. This is because the four year old boy can wear the pullovers and socks that have outgrown the ten year old girl. In addition to the advantages, the boy uses the text books and revision books that were used by the older girl. This ensures that the parents purchase textbooks only once that is, for the ten year old girl. Parents are able to cut down the cost of the school fees. Since the school is located near the family’s home, parents are able to take lunch to their children instead of including it in the school fees. Moreover, the transport fee is low since the school is not far from their home.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on How to live with 15300$ specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In education, the father and mother of these children should remember to insure their children’s future edu cation. This includes high school and higher learning institutions. Since this is done annually, the parents dedicate a certain amount of money from their salary. Transportation The family should always look for the cheapest means of transport as they move from one location to another. They can use the railway transport since it is the cheapest across the world. To help cut down transportation cost, the family should always walk to places that are not far. For instance, they should walk to the nearest market centers. They ought to worship at the nearest places. The annual transportation cost for the parents should be approximately 500 dollars. This applies if they work at a distance where they cannot walk. A decent house location also helps in cutting down the cost of transportation. Therefore, during budgeting, this family should consider the house nearness to social amenities. When health facilities, schools, together with others are near, the family will use little money on trans port. Healthcare Health is one of the most fundamental requirements in a family. Healthcare involves a number of activities. For instance, eating a balanced diet, regular check- ups, and living in a clean home environment. To boost healthcare in the family, a family should be located in an area where they can access it easily. This family’s home should be near a hospital. This is because children fall sick often; hence they should be rushed to hospital fast. To keep the environment clean, this family must spend some funds. For example they spend money when buying treated mosquito nets, purchasing detergents, tools for trimming flowerbeds and bushes, and hiring a gardener. The family should also have a thorough weekly general cleaning. This includes cleaning all the bedding, clothes, and the whole house. If the family maintains this high standard of cleanliness, it reduces the chances of them falling sick. This reduces the cost of treatment because they will not visit the hosp ital regularly. This family should budget for health care at an amount of approximately 2,973 dollars annually.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The family should make sure that every member is insured against health care. This helps them receive the best health care no matter the price of medicine prescribed. Apart from other basic needs in this family, there are other requirements that are not expected. Therefore, it is necessary for them to save some money for such emergencies. This helps the family avoid borrowing money now and then when such cases arise. Thus, they can open a bank account to save the remaining amount of their annual income which is 119 dollars. Conclusion This family of four ought to put apart some time to plan on how to budget on their earnings. This helps them spend wisely so that they can meet all their basic needs. This plan will also ensure that there is a balance in the allocation of funds, in all their basic requirements. This will also help the family relieve the burden of thinking on how to spend their earnings every time they are paid. Good budgeting also helps the family live peacefully. This is because there are no issues of drug abuse like alcoholism which result to quarrels in the family. Budgeting is, therefore, a peace contributing factor in families. In addition, proper budgeting helps is reducing the chances of poverty due to poor spending of income earning. Therefore, budgeting is highly essential to all families and especially to a family that earns an annual income of 15300 dollars. This is all that is necessary for proper budgeting.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

International Marketing in a Global Economy Research Paper

International Marketing in a Global Economy - Research Paper Example This is because common marketing concerns (such as input or production costs, price, advertising and distribution) are likely to differ from country to country where the business firm targets to market its products or services. There are four ways to develop markets in foreign land according to the Encyclopedia of Business and these are: (1) international trade through exporting products and services from the country of origin; (2) entering into joint venture arrangements with one or more foreign companies; (3) licensing patent rights, trademark rights, etc. to companies abroad; and (4) establishing manufacturing plants in foreign countries. Exporting is the easiest and most frequently used strategy of entering international markets because there is lesser risk of financial losses for the company. International trade comes in when a business entity engage in the buying (importing) and or selling (exporting) of goods or services in the global market arena. In exporting, factors to consider are: market opportunities, foreign exchange risk, import and export financing, and challenges of doing business in a foreign market. Business analysts note that in exporting, firms should focus on at least single market i nitially, start entering foreign market on a small scale (to limit potential loss due to failure), and be realistic about time, commitment and resources needed. Two contrasting viewpoint for developing global marketing strategy are being expounded by many business analysts. First is the localized marketing strategy that considers four differences across countries: buyer behavior characteristics, socioeconomic condition, marketing infrastructure, and competitive environment. Many companies failed to succeed or experience difficulties in the international market because they did not fully understand differences in buyer behavior knowing that

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LEED and Lean Fundamentals Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

LEED and Lean Fundamentals - Term Paper Example However, generation of waste come from the individual processes that are within the production (Wiedmann & Minx, 2008). Due to this reason focused waste management demands that engineers should know the type and the source of waste. As it stands, this remains unknown with any accuracy. The work's purpose is to offer a solution through the development of a method that would involve the integration of waste from the environment into the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) lean method. Specifically it involves integration of the corporate standards of environment with the VSM process, thus permitting the established lean process to focus at specific improvement actions for environment. This method’s application is demonstrated in a set up that represents manufacturing, representing a variety of impacts in the environment. The deployment can be generalized to any environmental factor. It can represent a customized index of waste for a specific industry. The focus industry came up with the many ways that explored the multidimensional environmental wastes. The staff can use the resulting method in to quantify the wastes that are generated from the individual processes and thus can report cases of the wastes production which would enable the establishment of the waste management process for the whole lean process (Hagood & Grunden, 2012). Through this attempt, then the waste management in the manufacturing industries would be perfected. The idea can later be applied to other types of industries for the betterment of the environment. Leed and Lean Fundamentals Introduction One of the aims of lean is to reduce waste in the production process. In an attempt to achieve this, one of the common management tools that lean has used is VSM (Wiedmann & Minx, 2008). Value Stream mapping analyzes and also represents the time that is taken for completion of the process while laying emphasis time that does not have value addition to the process hence it is a non-value added time proc ess. This method is very important in reducing the time for the whole processing in a certain industry. As such it reduces the expenses that are associated to the addition time. VSM lays focus on time as wasted consumable. On the other hand, the whole process of lean is concerned with several other types of waste. Consequently the organizations that long to implement lean are required to make use of the different lean tools to cover the various dimensions of wastes for their processes. This means introduction of multiple systems each with its own culture, implementation and the reporting processes. According to Stair & Reynolds (2011), the current innovation in the waste management is targeting at developing an integrated lean system that would avoid this type of duplication. Amongst the areas that better integration is desirable, is between the dimension of time as covered by the VSM and the dimension for the environmental waste. Environmental waste is less represented in the curre nt lean design. This is because the current design of lean tends to perceive waste as a cost of the raw materials or probably the decrements associated to the productivity of the whole production system (Bartholomew & Farrauto, 2011). However, the environmental perceives the type of waste as being important due to the different toxicity and the effects of such on the environment. Collection of the data on the waste from the environment and the waste impacts is an easier task. However it is hard to

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Public Policy Essay Example for Free

Public Policy Essay In the contemporary society, the world is characterized by freedom of speech and expression and also by a market place of policy ideas waiting to be prioritized or given a legislative action. As explained in detail by Hays (2001), analysis of Public policy debates began by John Kingdon (1984) and reissued in 1995. Kingdon critically examined how specific policies problems solutions become prominent. Looking at the policy making process, Kingdon particularly concentrated on the prediction stage and agenda setting ignoring the politics of how policy choices are made. He argued that many individual through their own means may call for attention on a particular policy issue that need to be changed but at the end of the day it is a group of elected experts whom he called policy community who make decision on the issue to be the first agenda item therefore providing the ground for new policies (Hays, 2001). The communities operate as resources but also as gatekeepers. Kingdon argued that collectively a range of individuals serve to make up the necessary policy community or networks including experts, elected officials, bureaucrats, researchers and even government itself. These communities influence the policy debate as witnessed in public policy institute of California (Mintrom, 2000). As a gate keeper, policy community or networks have a role in informal communication between those inside and the one outside the government. The channels are extraordinary open considering new ideas which deserve implementation while deciding on the one to be sidelined. Intellectual resourcefulness as well as determination is crucial in policy making process, Kingdon was emphatic that those who have more resources are better placed to make strong argument (Hays, 2001). Over the years, public debate have dominated United States politics and at times carrying away the policy communities like fad (Mintrom, 2000). The most recent is the Wall Street issue where the Bush administration and his Republican party proposed a boost plan to the mortgage sector including some home owners. The move which was intended to stimulate the economy however elicited policy debate from allover. According to Hays (2001), Kingdon summarizes the policy making process into three separate streams: Problem process stream, policy process stream and political stream. He argues that policy change advocates whom, he refer to as entrepreneurs of change mostly serve to belong to the above mentioned three streams in their efforts to bring popularity to a particular problem and also igniting policy innovation. By doing this they increase the chances that specific policy issues will give rise to new ideas and new policies. It is the problem stream where problems are recognized and identified for action. Both the people in government and outside government at any given time are aware of the social problems that need intervention. However, it is important to note that in problem defining stage much is likely to be left at stake since those benefiting from the status quo are likely to convince the others that no problem exists after all. The second stream is the policy stream which Kingdon highlights as the process which entails generating and debating of ides for policy development by communities of policy specialists. Rarely, people come out with new ideas but more often they use the old ones to understand the new ones and thinking of ways to reformulate them with the others (Hays, 2001). In order to be effective, public policy institutes must be objective to survive in community policy ideas. Solutions in most cases chase problems and that is to say people with solutions will look for the specific problems to solve (Mintrom, 2000). In addition, such institutions must be not only feasible but also compatible with the values of the majority of specialist in policy communities. Alteration of ideas and efforts by the policy advocate to persuade others according to Kingdon is one way of achieving compatibility (Hays, 2001).